June 12, 2014

1 year of Emerson

1 year ago Phil and I became parents. Say what? Now that 8lb 8oz baby is nearly-walking, babbling, generating his own wants and un-wants and giving us a run for our money. Every little bit of him is so precious to me (aside from his whiney-cry, that, not-so-much) but honestly, he brightens my soul and brings me such immense joy. I can hardly breath sometimes when I snuggle up with him, kiss his forehead and when I look back through pictures I take of him throughout the day. He's a special little ray of light in our lives and I'm so happy he came to us.

Let's see lately... he's entirely obsessed with brushes, particularly tooth brushes and would prefer to carry one of those around to a blanket or snuggly bear. He babbles all the time and you can tell he's understanding words. I'm certain "doggie" will be his first word, if he jumps out of his skin every time he sees one or when we ask what a doggie says, he giggles and laughs. He's nearly convinced us that he needs a dog.

He eats anything thats flavorful or these little puffy rice cakes that have absolutely no flavor at all. He doesn't like bananas, unless they're there for squishing between his fingers. He's a meat, cheese and fruit lover and absolutely won't let us put anything in his mouth for him.

He refuses to stand on his own or even attempt to walk without assistance holding tightly with BOTH hands at all times (unless he's distracted.) He could totally walk by now but refuses. Emerson is a total daddy's-boy except when it comes time for naps and nursing. The less clothing he has to wear the happier he is and does not like blankets on him when he sleeps. He's starting to bob his head or body when music comes on and he love to bang or jingle things that make noise to create music of his own.

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