August 3, 2014

Let's Talk: romance

I'm going to throw it out there and be quite a bit candid in this post so if you're a little squirmy when it comes to sex-talk, you might want to move along. **Just a little disclaimer.**

Alright, let's talk about it, you know... romance, sex, and what MANY mothers (and yes husbands too) might deal with, lack of desire. I only know it from the wife and mommy standpoint so forgive me if it comes across as being a female-only issue because I know that isn't the case for everyone, it's just the case for me.

I've got a 1 year old, and two months after getting married I got pregnant with that now one year old, so needless to say that really awesome honeymoon-sex stage didn't last all that long. I was hit pretty hard with extreme pregnancy exhaustion, school, stress and all that. Since then, not much has changed. I obviously don't have that same level of pregnancy-tired, (I've seriously never been so tired in my life) but I'm now Mommy-tired. I've got a mind going a million miles an hour thinking about Emerson, Phil, Drop Talk, oils, the future, business, school, Emerson, everyone, life, Emerson etc. (Not quite in that order, but pretty close). It's the kind of tired where you feel like you're being pulled from all angles and your head is filled with a bajillion thoughts and worries a minute, the very last of which being your own sexual needs and appetite.

This is the case pretty much everyday. There's no exception to the timing, place, or special occasion. This feeling (or lack thereof) is no respecter of persons. Oh yeah, and throw in there female hormones, period, a baby who might just wake up at any given time, and you've pretty much got a recipe for intimacy disaster. Try not stepping on the eggshells, okay?

Well, recently Phil got a new oil called Shutran to try out that may help support normal male testosterone levels. He's on hormone replacement therapy for a damaged pituitary and we fork out quite a bit of money every month since it's not covered by insurance or the VA. Bla bla bla, long story short, we're happy to find any way to support his testosterone naturally and in turn minimize the amount of hormone meds he has to take. So the day the bottle arrived he opened it and put FOUR drops on each arm.. Uhhh that's a lot.

Here's the status I shared on the Drop Talk Lounge after he did that,

"Philip put 4 drops of Shutran on each arm ten minutes ago... He's been checking me out and attempting to grab my bum saying, "I wanna make out sooo bad!
"Where's my Goldenrod and Idaho Blue Spruce when I need it? Heaven help this poor tired mother and wife! Shutran is Idaho Blue Spruce on steroids. Guess it won't hurt to use a few drops myself."

So that's what I did. I went ahead and put two drops on my forearms and HOLY COW. Ten minutes later, I was sitting with my legs crossed having a conversation with my family and my foot was shaking uncontrollably. I had so much energy it felt like I needed to go run three miles to get rid of it (and I'm not a runner, fyi). Women have a bit of the testosterone hormone in them so a little bit of a boost is totally going to bring out a more dominant, aggressive, energetic, antsy side (you know, all the emotions and behavior men usually have in the forefront that we women usually have to help them balance it out).

99 likes and 70 comments later... Oh boy... that convo was quite hysterical. Someone in the slew of comments suggested to 'not forget the orange oil rubbed on the thighs and to have fun.' Well that night when the kiddo was in bed all that energy was put to good use. So to spare you details and to obviously keep the intimacy part behind closed doors let's just say it did the trick. I haven't felt that carefree, worry free, energetic, flirty and "into it" in a long while.

Now I'm going to tell you that Shutran isn't cheap, so I'm not going to out right encourage anyone to just fork out the cash to buy it, but I am going to say that if there is a need, it would be a wise investment. Sexual intimacy is such an important part of a marriage and is key to building that strong bond as husband and wife. If you're not ready to fork out the money just to try it, start with a predecessor Idaho Blue Spruce, it's cheaper and comes in a 5ml bottle.

The main ingredient in Shutran is Idaho Blue Spruce, which has been found to help support normal male hormone levels in men. I know this because Phil was a guinea pig in some early testing of this oil before it was released at convention 2013. He along with a small study group of men with Phil's same issues, had their levels tested by an endocrinologist. For three weeks they were suppose to use Idaho Blue Spruce twice a day. At the beginning and end of the 3 weeks they had their levels tested. Each male in the test group had their testosterone levels raise at least 300-400 ng/dL. That's a pretty big deal.

Among the essential oil community I'm a part of, many women have tried Idaho Blue Spruce to not only help their partner but to help themselves gain that necessary boost to get in the mood for intimacy. Among other oils known to regulate and balance female 'desire' are Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lady Sclareol, Sensation, and Progessence Plus (another of my personal favorites). I've tried Orange as described above but haven't tried the others for this purpose so I can't yet share my experience with them. Another oil that is great in-the-moment oil to use as a natural replacement in the likes of KY warming jelly products I like V6 (a carrier oil) mixed with Lavender. It's safe on latex as well... just fyi.

Aaaand...that's, that.

Any more questions? Let me know in the comments.

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