February 16, 2014

7-8 month update

7-8 months:
loves clicking his tongue
learned how to low crawl
ate his 1st solids
fell asleep in the bath
became a better napper 1-3 hours 2x a day
said "mama" and "dada"
got into the plungers/toilet scrubber
had his 1st fever after his 6 month shots
got his 1st tooth January 19th
getting more hair
got to a sitting position on his own
sits up fairly well on his own but not for very long, he'd rather be on the go
pulls himself up to his knees/standing position when he really wants something on the couch
laughs really hard playing peek-a-boo, "where's Emerson?", "How big are you?" and "I'm going to get you" as I chase him down the hall to tickle him.
very curious
loves eating paper and the most dangerous things he can find
wants mommy or daddy to hold him because the world is much more fascinating in their arms
loves textiles rugs, corners of walls, the vent under the water heater
very attentive to music and sounds
sings (squeels) and aaaahhhhhhh's
still loves lights and cords
doesn't like the blender but is okay with the blow dryer
gets up on hands and knees and bobs back and forth
shakes his head side-to-side
got his 2nd tooth February 5th
loves knocking over the shapes when they're stacked, giggles every time
favorite song is 'Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam'