March 7, 2014

Unlock Your Block with ARTIST BLOCKS

Phil and I are getting ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign! We've been working hard over the past 8-9 months on this idea and are so grateful for all the support we've received along the way.

HOW OUR IDEA CAME TO LIFE: I'm an art student and during my 2D design class I was required to sketch 5-10 drawings a week and after a while my ideas dried up and I had nowhere to gain that little boost of inspiration. It wasn’t until Phil and I met that the idea for the blocks came.
Phil was looking for a project to do in his spare time and he asked me if there was a problem I needed solving. It got me thinking: sometimes as artists we go through times of creative block or we’re stuck in a rut doing the same things over again. All we need is some sort of refresher!
I told him I needed a solution for creative block.

And the Artist Blocks were born!

ARTIST BLOCKS are a tool to help you unlock your creative block.

Eventually, we want to create Artist Blocks for all disciplines of art, but for now we are focusing on the fundamentals by creating the DRAWING BLOCKS SET.

The Drawing blocks set includes:
  • Subject Matter
  • Drawing medium
  • The technique you use
  • And a number block that can be used for time, strokes, or number of objects in your drawing.

Our first prototypes were hand written on and made of wood, as we explored what would give artists the most variety of options while also being very prevalent in technical value. We started out with two blocks, one for medium, the other for technique, and later knew we needed two more: the subject block and a minutes block.

We then found a manufacturer who could create high quality engraved blocks that would withstand being tossed into someones art bag and we were on our way to making a real product. 

In our planning we wanted to include reference cards for Blocksters to keep on hand, each card describes the components on the blocks and includes a visual reference. And to keep all of it together we hand stamped the ARTIST BLOCKS logo on strong muslin bags with water proof ink.

We plan to launch some time in April. There will be two "early bird" levels that are heavily dicounted for a single set of Artist Blocks, however they are limited and are first come first serve.

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