June 15, 2014


He loves to get in to my essential oil bottles, or rather take them out of the bag and disperse them all over the floor while proceeding to put as many has he can to his mouth. I keep a close eye on him because some of them are not-edible or hot. He's put Thieves (which has cinnamon and clove in it) in his mouth before and looked at me wide-eyed then started brushing at his tongue with his fingers wondering why it was spicy. I'm sure his tongue went numb for a second or two. Needless to say, I can't wait for the everything-goes-in-the-mouth stage to be over. 

Emerson is quite the Daddy's-boy. I was a bit envious of Phil at the beginning but now I adore how much he loves his Dad. Though I think he's starting to balance out because in this case he wanted Mommy more than Daddy. Heart, melted. :)

All better!

His personality is really starting to show, even just in the last few days. He's beginning to notice when we laugh at something cute or funny he does and he'll then repeat it to gain another reaction from us. After a horrid teething episode last week he's finally back to himself and laughing and playing. He's such a ham, I love it! 

His favorite book right now is a book that has a bunch of animals and their sounds that show when you open up the flap. He giggles in anticipation EVERY time. 

He laughs so deeply when he's being tickled, chased or when we play "where's Mommy/Daddy?" and pop out to scare him. I love how playful he is and how many games he's catching on to. He's finally able to understand he must sit long enough while I hold his toes and play "this little piggie." He loves it! 

He bites everything though... his books, his parents, everything. I know it's common when they're getting teeth, but seriously, I have bruises from some of his nibbles. He does it almost as a type of affectionate expression when he's happy or without thought when he's playing. Not sure what to do to stop it before he get's older... ??

I love being this boy-boy's Mommie! He's seriously one of my best friends and the best snuggle-buddy around. Just today he initiated giving me a kiss and repeated it when I asked if I could have another one. I love when he's still enough to show affection. He melts my heart in new ways every single day.  Love my bug!

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