October 11, 2014

family photos, emersonisms & just plain happiness

I can't even begin to put into words how much I love Phil and my life with him and our little Emerson. There is a fullness of joy that just can't be explained it can only experienced as a parent and as a wife. Yes there's a 'real life' scene with it's ups and downs and teething, ugh the teething, but I can't think of a time aside from my years of childhood that I've ever felt happier and truly taken care of on all levels. The Lord has blessed us immensely with our little E and oh-my-goodness he's just so dang cute!

He's growing so much and it's mind-blowing every single day! He's spitting out words left and right and walking so confidently... often into the street of our cul-de-sac without guile. Ei yi yi! He keeps us on our toes! He gabbers as if he's carrying on a conversation, looking me in the eyes with full confidence that I know exactly what he's telling me. He's a full-fledged daddy's-boy and hardly lets me hold him when he's around, despite the fact that I try 200 times harder to gain his affection. Though he always holds a special place for me at bed-time and cuddles me all the time. 

He's obsessed with tooth-brushes "bsh" still and is growing fond of pencils and crayons, particularly for munching on of course. Though he has graced us with installation artwork series upon my night table and the wall of our bedroom.

He's feisty and knows what he does and does not want. Has a very clear, yet adorable baby-voiced "No.," and while he says it, it's usually featured with a push of the hand in the face or toward the object he does not want.

Can't go a day without being outside diggin' in the dirt or playing in the water. He loves dandelion globes and when on a walk he always points to them requesting someone to pick them up so he can blow the seeds. He notices every airplane, bird and helicopter in the sky.

Other things he does:
folds his arms for prayer
knows to blow his nose, smell
gives the best kisses and hugs to us, his friend Glenn, and his teddy
signs milk, please, all-done

Words he knows:
"Maow" // kitty
"Woof" // dog
"Eys" // eyes
"Es" // eggs
"HaT" (emphasis on Tz) // any and everything warm or hot
"Bat" // bath
"Bsh" // brush (tooth, paint)
"Wawa" // water
"Dego" // there you go
"Ts-tha" // what's that?