June 29, 2014

Lost my post-baby weight, plus some!

Alright, let's be honest here. I'm not a huge runner aka I hate running. I haven't had a pass to a gym since high school. I haven't danced in a couple years. I don't do yoga, or zumba, or anything... So in other words, I don't exercise. I don't do weight-watchers, or juice fasts, or 30 days of whole foods, or any "diets" for that matter. I'm pretty much the laziest weight-loss peruser in the whole world.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE healthy eating. I eat whole foods and dark leafy-green salads about 85% of the time if not more when I can. I love me some whole grain breads (yep, gluten, good ol' GMO gluten.) And I LOVE eating chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. It's healthy, right? Healthy for my SOUL!

My form of exercise means going on walks... as in like, slow, long-walks-on-the-beach type stuff, no power walking here. Aaand that's pretty much the extent of it.

So wait, you're likely asking what the heck DID I do to loose the baby weight?

Well let's set some ground work shall we? I like history, numbers and figures so I'll take us back to when weight mattered to me and what my habits where then...

Highschool (9 years ago): 
When I was in high school I was dancing three+ times a week and running (walking quickly) at the gym, I weighed about 150lbs and wore about a size 10 (I've got hips people, mmmk?) My eating was terrible. I would skip meals all the time and come home and binge on popcorn or four to six pieces of white bread slathered in butter. I never drank enough water, ever, and always had headaches. In my teenage brain I thought skipping meals would help me maintain my weight while I ate whatever I wanted for dinner. Uh, let's just say I was dumb.

Germany round 1:
When I went to Germany for a five months as a nanny I gained a disgusting amount of weight because I was depressed and in the land of chocolate and honey, and bread, and deliciousness. I had no self control. I think I weighed my worst at that time, if I recall about 180 lbs. That's 30 lbs of nutella people, ON MY THIGHS! Sick!

I came home for a few months and never really lost all of it but settled at about 165. Meh, whatev's my thighs still rubbed but I had clothes I fit into, ok sweet, good enough for me.

Germany round 2:
I went back to Germany for 3 more years working at a pre-school and started leaning more about healthy foods. I learned that there were more types of lettuce than just iceberg and learned to cook a bunch of asian meals from one of my Philippine colleagues. I maintained my 160ish weight but felt a lot better physically.

Home for good:
When I came home from Germany the second time I started at UVU and was going through a lot of life changes and my weight dropped because of it. I bought a whole bunch of skinny-me clothes and felt great and probably got down to nearly what I was in high-school, but a healthier-eating version.

University/Life Changes/Dating:
Cue dating a bunch, then meeting Phil, getting married, and getting pregnant two months in. When we got married I pretty much leveled out at about 165, eating well, but still eating a bunch of processed foods and not eating much whole-grains and whole-foods.

During my pregnancy I began to really get serious about eating well and exercising. I've literally never eaten so well in my life! I swam at least a couple times a month and would go on walks often. In the first few months I even tried to take up running, yeah, still not happening. During my pregnancy I gained the usual 30-40+ lbs and I think at my last appointment before I had Emerson at 42 weeks I was 195lbs. Of course much of that was blood volume, placenta, 8.5lb Baby E, etc, etc. but still I was squishy, I needed to be. Mom's need to be squishy for their babies, it's just how it goes!

So here I was, post-baby and about 175lbs, and a size 12-14 as long as the pants are stretchy. I got down to a solid size 12 within 2 months, eating right and breast-feeding. After 4-6 months I got in to about what I was before being pregnant size 32 waist size 10ish and plateaued for months at about 165 lbs.

9 months post-partum I first learned about the Young Living distributor group called the Lemon Droppers and went to and essential oil intro class. I'd been using a few oils during my pregnancy for stretch mark prevention, a couple of them passively when I got sick, and lavender for Emerson's sleep. But I didn't create much of a habit with the oils and I didn't know that there were oils for weight-loss and oils that could help flush fat toxins etc. As soon as I learned about Lemon for weight loss I jumped right on that and found myself a glass water-bottle to start adding a few drops to my water to drink.

1 year Post-baby:
I've been using Young Living's citrus oils (Citrus Fresh, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, or Tangerine) in my water every day since and that is literally the only thing that has changed in my eating and exercise habits. In these past 3 and a half months I am now down to 143lbs, fitting in size 6-8, less than I was in high school! Went from 25 inches circumference on my thighs to 23 inches. Say what? I'm no longer squishy around my belly and back and my hips are smaller than they've been, I'm going to say, ever, cause ever sounds about right.

I'm literally in shock every time I get on the scale because the past four months my eating habits have been horrible. Like, pizza-twice-a-week type horrible. Plus Phil and I just spent a month in Germany and I actually ate more junk food than I have in the past 2 years combined. I literally ate from sun-up until sun-down, getting my fix of all the German goodies I could while we were there. We walked everyday but I was walking about the same before we had gone so I can't credit it to that.

Now I'm not saying that eating junk food is the way to go. I definitely encourage eating well and exercising in whatever form suits people best. Now that we are home I'm drinking a Pure Protein Complete shake every morning at getting back to eating more whole-foods, but for real. For real. I feel awesome and I'm never bloated anymore, except for a rare occasion, then I'll just add some peppermint to my water or rub Di-Gize oil on my belly! And, just an FYI all this hasn't affected milk supply, just in case you nursing mom's wanted to know. 

I'm tempted to say this even motivates me to take up running...but... ehh.. who am I kidding! Maybe I'll just stick with swimming to strengthen my muscles.

P.S. Don't judge my photos. I'm not a model and loosing flubber doesn't mean I gained a six-pack. Ok? ;)

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June 15, 2014


He loves to get in to my essential oil bottles, or rather take them out of the bag and disperse them all over the floor while proceeding to put as many has he can to his mouth. I keep a close eye on him because some of them are not-edible or hot. He's put Thieves (which has cinnamon and clove in it) in his mouth before and looked at me wide-eyed then started brushing at his tongue with his fingers wondering why it was spicy. I'm sure his tongue went numb for a second or two. Needless to say, I can't wait for the everything-goes-in-the-mouth stage to be over. 

Emerson is quite the Daddy's-boy. I was a bit envious of Phil at the beginning but now I adore how much he loves his Dad. Though I think he's starting to balance out because in this case he wanted Mommy more than Daddy. Heart, melted. :)

All better!

His personality is really starting to show, even just in the last few days. He's beginning to notice when we laugh at something cute or funny he does and he'll then repeat it to gain another reaction from us. After a horrid teething episode last week he's finally back to himself and laughing and playing. He's such a ham, I love it! 

His favorite book right now is a book that has a bunch of animals and their sounds that show when you open up the flap. He giggles in anticipation EVERY time. 

He laughs so deeply when he's being tickled, chased or when we play "where's Mommy/Daddy?" and pop out to scare him. I love how playful he is and how many games he's catching on to. He's finally able to understand he must sit long enough while I hold his toes and play "this little piggie." He loves it! 

He bites everything though... his books, his parents, everything. I know it's common when they're getting teeth, but seriously, I have bruises from some of his nibbles. He does it almost as a type of affectionate expression when he's happy or without thought when he's playing. Not sure what to do to stop it before he get's older... ??

I love being this boy-boy's Mommie! He's seriously one of my best friends and the best snuggle-buddy around. Just today he initiated giving me a kiss and repeated it when I asked if I could have another one. I love when he's still enough to show affection. He melts my heart in new ways every single day.  Love my bug!

June 12, 2014

1 year of Emerson

1 year ago Phil and I became parents. Say what? Now that 8lb 8oz baby is nearly-walking, babbling, generating his own wants and un-wants and giving us a run for our money. Every little bit of him is so precious to me (aside from his whiney-cry, that, not-so-much) but honestly, he brightens my soul and brings me such immense joy. I can hardly breath sometimes when I snuggle up with him, kiss his forehead and when I look back through pictures I take of him throughout the day. He's a special little ray of light in our lives and I'm so happy he came to us.

Let's see lately... he's entirely obsessed with brushes, particularly tooth brushes and would prefer to carry one of those around to a blanket or snuggly bear. He babbles all the time and you can tell he's understanding words. I'm certain "doggie" will be his first word, if he jumps out of his skin every time he sees one or when we ask what a doggie says, he giggles and laughs. He's nearly convinced us that he needs a dog.

He eats anything thats flavorful or these little puffy rice cakes that have absolutely no flavor at all. He doesn't like bananas, unless they're there for squishing between his fingers. He's a meat, cheese and fruit lover and absolutely won't let us put anything in his mouth for him.

He refuses to stand on his own or even attempt to walk without assistance holding tightly with BOTH hands at all times (unless he's distracted.) He could totally walk by now but refuses. Emerson is a total daddy's-boy except when it comes time for naps and nursing. The less clothing he has to wear the happier he is and does not like blankets on him when he sleeps. He's starting to bob his head or body when music comes on and he love to bang or jingle things that make noise to create music of his own.