October 18, 2012

Oh yeah... guess what... we're married now!

And we've been married nearly three months. Oh boy how time flies when we're together. Before we get onto doing all the married life posts, I'm going to reminisce a bit and write about our wedding day. 

Friday, July 6th 2012: 

The day was simply beautiful. It had rained the day previous, freshening everything up and cooling down the hot summer temperatures rather significantly. I slept, short yet restfully until about 7:00am and got as ready as I could before Amy came to do my hair and Rachel came to be my support. I wore a white suit with a mini-fishnet veil, gold faux-lace earrings and a mint green/turquoise blouse. Amy formed my hair into an elegant up-do filled with pretty pin-curls. Just as I was finishing up Philip came to pick me up and the rest of my family scurried over to the church to set up and get things ready. (We couldn't set up the night before due to a ward playing volleyball in the cultural hall of our building the night before. (Always a few wedding hiccups, of course!)) Philip wore a navy blue suit that he got at H&M for less than a 100 bucks (Yoo-hoo!) and a mint green tie with a hint of texture in it. Arriving at my house with post-shower hair he wet it and sculpted it seconds before we were to leave, tied his tie while I gathered my dress and temple clothes and last few making us fashionably 15 minutes late for our own breakfast at 9:30am. It's ok to be late to your own event right? ;) 

We had incredible crepes with a variety of sweet and savory fillings made by Rachel's brother Bert and most of her family (they're like second family to me.) They were literally what made the wedding a success! It wasn't until we were on our way to the temple that we realized we had crepes at the Crepe Shoppe on our first date. (Oooh cuuute!!) We had a great support of family and close friends there. Many of my cousins were in town for our Scadlock family reunion the next day, which is the main factor of when we set the date. We mingled and enjoyed getting to know both sides of the family and putting faces to the names we both shared with each other. Our siblings gave toasts in form of gifts that symbolized something they remembered about us. 

Philip's oldest brother Fred started and told the story of when they would go to the store as a family and Philip would always beg his mom for a toy. "I want a toy mom, can I get a toy?!" Saying it over and over with his cute little lisp. His brother got him a toy Barbie to commemerate that. His sister Adrianne gave him a cupcake frosted with a googly eyed cookie monster with bright blue frosting. Symbolic of the time him, Adj, and Lauren made a cookie monster cake and ate it and it turned their tongues bright blue. Eric, Philip's other brother Eric mentioned the memories he had spending a lot of outdoors time with Phil and the trips they'd been on as a family. 

My sister Amy got up first and talked about how when she was at Rick's Collage I would send her drawings and letters. She got me a sketch book in honor of my love for the arts. Evan spoke of how he used to be the mediator for when Kendall would torment and tease me. Taylor brought up the memory of me claiming that I could swim and then ended up drowning when we were at the Disneyland hotel. My dad had to jump in after me fully clothed. Kendall and Jamie gave Phil 3 boxes of Kleenex. The memory was of when I was a kid and even continuing now into adulthood, I do, and used to scream bloody-murder whenever there was a spider in my room. My dad or brothers would have to come running with TP or Kleenex in hand to save me. In essence Kendall was passing the torch onto Phil who'd now have to be my spider savior. Our parents both said a few things and then we cleaned up and got ready to drive down to the temple.

Philip and I rode down to the temple together and I read aloud some articles on marriage that my daddy-o gave us to read. We arrived 15 minutes before our designated time of arrival (1:30) and sat in the parking lot for a few minutes just staring up at the beautiful temple. I took a deep sigh and asked; "you ready?" Phil responded with a quick; "Oh yeah!" We walked up hand in hand, excitement flurries in our stomaches, and peace in our hearts. What a whirl wind the weeks of planning had been and now they were all set to play out, ready or not. 

We went into the temple and they put numbers on all of our things. We were the 9th couple to be married that day. I've still got a number 9 tag or two on a couple of bags. They took our things to the changing rooms and led us into the offices where we signed the forms and stated who our witnesses would be. We were then separated and lead into the rooms where we would change into our white clothes then lead up to the sealing room where we would be sealed together for all eternity. The Sealer President Pinnegar spoke to us and instructed us on when we would need to say "yes" and so on. Afterwords we sat there hands clasped together gazing adoringly into each-others eyes (cheese-ball, I know) and waited for our families and friends to join us. They soon entered the room everyone dressed in white, it was the most glorious sight to see our families and friends dressed in pure white gathered in the temple. It was such a beautiful experience. The sealer began and spoke about the Atonement of Christ and the things we need to do as a couple to draw closer to Him and how to stay strong in our own family unit that we were now starting. The ceremony was beautiful and filled my heart with such peace and joy. I knew I was marrying a righteous man who loved me and loved the Lord. After it was all said and done we stood and were able to be congratulated by those in attendance and were able to spend time all together in the Celestial room. We both couldn't stop smiling. We both exclaimed "Woah! We're married now! Crazy!" 

After the moments of basking in the moment we descended back down to our changing rooms and I changed into my wedding dress and him into his suit and a gold tie. I made my own wedding dress and finished it about a day before the wedding with one thing that needed tacking (and still to this day I haven't tacked it in place with anything other than a safety pin. :) ) Once changed Phil and I met in the hallway and got ready to make our traditional exit-from-the-temple photo. We came out and everyone cheered, ooo ahhh, and we went and took a bunch of pictures. Etc. Etc. All the usual wedding stuff. Josh and Jillian our good friends and who I served with in my singles ward relief society presidency with, brought us some delicious food and water. They had gotten married two weeks before we were and knew exactly what we needed. They're the best! 

While we were taking pictures Phil looked down at his watch and saw that it was already 6:10 and our reception was to start at 7:30 with an hour and a half drive before us. We got in the car and began me still in my dress, us both in a panic, looked down at the clock and noticed it was only 5:20. His clock was set ahead by about 40 minutes and nearly gave us both a heart attack. So we ended up driving back in our wedding attire, stuffing our faces with the burgers and fries that Josh and Jillian got us, and my dress getting tighter and tighter in the ribs the more food I ate. 

Traffic was stuffy, of course, when we hit Springville going northbound and time was running quickly. With word that no-one knew exactly where to put the tables up at the reception, things got a little frantic and neither of us had any control. Yay, for a little wedding-day drama!! We arrived 10 minutes before the reception was designated to start, the sprinklers at the house where we held the reception were still on, with a few tables set up. My good friend Karen and her husband Jeff were there setting up their Photo Booth and guests were starting to arrive. Phil went inside and tried to get the music started while I entertained guests while also waiting for family to arrive. Soon everything got settled and Phil and I started to greet people and food was served. 

My idea for the reception was a sort-of "Anne of Green Gables" / "Somewhere in Time" garden party theme. We had croquet and beanbag toss in the front yard of the neighboring cottage and entrance way to the reception, the name game and a couple of chess boards were set out at the tables for people to enjoy, and a few of our engagement pictures in antiqued frames were set in the garden that rimmed the backyard. The weather was superb, just enough warm and just enough cool. The flowers were beautiful, done by Philip's Aunt Leslie, bringing in a variety of bright summer colors set in glasses with slices of lemon and grapefruit lining the outside. Amy (Rachel's sister) made our divine coconut cake and most of the desserts. The cake was white with ruffled fondant and Leslie's gorgeous garden roses and carnations of pink, cream, and yellow on top, sitting upon the mint green cake stand that I found at an antique shop. Amy even made the cake itself mint green, it was perfect! In the background we had a soundtrack of french accordion music playing while our nieces and nephews pranced around in their garden dresses that my sister-in-law Valerie made, and their bow-ties and suspenders that my sister Amy made. Some of the fabric had a victorian rose pattern in creams and pinks with dashes of burgundy and green in it, others were soft mint green with a white ivy pattern in it, and others were an antique green with cream polka dots, and a cream colored eyelet fabric. They all complimented each other so well and the children looked so adorable. 

The day was perfect despite it's typical wedding-day quirks. But I'm soooooo glad it's over with! Funny thing is.. I hate weddings. I really do! I think they're too much. I would have rather eloped.. it's more romantic! But whatev's it was beautiful and I, even I enjoyed myself!

Thank you to all who came and celebrated with us either in person or in spirit. Couldn't have done it without your love and support!

July 4, 2012


Until we're....

 Bride and Groom
Mr. and Mrs.
Husband and Wife!

Crazy, crazy!!! 

July 3, 2012

3 more sleeps!

And we'll have "no need to say goodbye!" 

"We'll go on, for forever!"

July 2, 2012

4 more sleeps!

And this man will be my husband FOREVER! 

I'm so stinkin' excited! Words cannot even describe it! :) 

June 25, 2012

How We Met: McKenna's Version

How We Met
McKenna's Version

So the first thing we'll both be getting right is where and how we met. The time, day and location are pretty much a thing that neither of us can argue. We met at Utah Valley University Institute of Religion. During Spring Semester: January-April 2012. In Brother John Thompson's; The Writings of John the Beloved, Monday/Wednesday 1:00pm Class.

Now here's where my side of the story begins:

Philip. Hmmm... I first noticed him... pretty much day one. I was scoping out the class since the whole reason I was taking 5+++ institute classes that semester was to find my eternal companion, right? Well I can't deny it, yes, yes I was. And at the same time a big, NOPE! No way! (I'll explain later.)

I went to the class firstly because I loved Brother T's Book of Mormon class last semester but was a bit hesitant because I was already taking a few other classes and I was looking for a job at the time. I wanted my schedule to be open enough that I could work in the early afternoon to evening. Having a class at 1-2pm felt as though it could interfere with my future, not-yet-existing schedule and I somehow for some reason felt hesitant. Hmmm strange.

Back to day one: Scoping. I walked in, there were about 7 or 8 guys and 3 girls including me. Not bad... a semi-lucrative jackpot. Although me in my mindset at the time thought I'd "know him when I saw him" and pretty much called the forfeit right then and there. "Well, I guess I'm taking institute to learn." I thought as a lightly brushed aside any further thought that I would actually find a man with angels surrounding him and a heavenly chorus there to sing the Messiah's "Hallelujah" as a sign that he was, in-fact, THE ONE I'd fall in love with. Phew, glad a singed that tiny hope I had and could then focus on the class for the class' sake. So... day two, I debated weather I would actually register for the class, or... just give up. But... oh some small little nudge told me to stay in the class and that it would really benefit me and my spirituality. That little trickster him!

Alright, time for a little background story before I get to the juicy stuff.

Institute dating: Ugh.

Since last July I got on a dating high were I would date just about anything and always accept a 1st date from an interested male who was willing to formally ask me out. I wanted to really improve my social life and truly give everyone a chance. I knew, even if it didn't go anywhere I'd either learn a lot about myself and my wants, or have a few good stories to tell. Both of which I, most definitely, got, in abundance.

What better a-place to find your future E.C. than in the single-Mormon-potluck of Orem, Utah in the Young Single Adult Stake and the UVU Insitute? Oh man did I date!...And how quickly my dating enthusiasm plummeted. About 18 or 20 dates, one (almost) boyfriend, and one short-termed crush later, I hit the brick wall. The thought of going on one, more, stinkin', date, made me cringe. The thought of men was repulsive to me. I immediately became perfectly content with never-ever-ever-ever-ever getting married. Ahhhhh! Yes! That sounds delightful!


Insert Philip.
A man who does. A man who see's a need, has a want or sets a goal and gets it done in .0000005 milliseconds.

Meet McKenna.
A girl who's finished with guys, didn't see heavenly messengers gathered around Philip and therefore turned her head ready to fill out her mission papers.


It took about two or three class periods for Philip to talk to me. Which was a record speed. Normally a guy would 1st: sit across the room from me, 2nd: sit across the room from me and try to make some sort of eye contact with me. 3rd: sit a row or two away from me. 4th: Sit on my same row. 5th: Sit one seat away from me. 6th: Sit next to me. 7th: Ask me what my name was. 8th: Sit by me again. 9th: Attempt to walk out of class at the same time as me. 10th: Try again the next day. 11th: Talk to me about something they did that weekend. 12th: Ask me what my favorite color is. 13th Imply that they're interested in hanging out 14th: And only 2 class periods left, ask me for my number.

So... Philip automatically got 'he's-a-real-man' points for not hesitating or timidly approaching me like I'm some un-known, terrifying female creature that could shatter if your speech became louder than a 12 inch whisper.

Week two of class there were still less than 12 students in the class so our teacher arranged the long skinny tables into one larger sized table where we would all face each other making it a bit more intimate. I walked in late to class and had the pick of the litter of which guy to sit by, so I of course sat across from one of the taller fellows in the class and right smack dab next to Phil. Playing the field right? It's what we women do best, or worse deepening on your perspective. ;) So my 1st impression of Philip wasn't what you would say "love at first sight" and I don't think it was for him either. He might correct me on that. ;) ;) (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) I would see him in class with his Marine cut hair, sitting up straight, taking diligent notes in his journal with his snazzy iPad. While I sat there slouching and disheveled taking notes in a spiral notebook with old puffy pages and my 3D design materials thrown across the table. To say the least, I assumed we were absolutely nothing a like and it wouldn't and shouldn't go anywhere if I had anything to do with it.

After class he walked with me out he even had to wait for me as I stayed after to talk to the teacher... And in hopes to avoid the boys. meaning Phil. When I saw him waiting; "oh great, what have I done?" I thought. He obviously got the wrong impression with me sitting by him and got a little panic-y " I, I wasn't really all that serious... I, I, I, just... It was just, the only seat left." So I walked nervously with him out to the parking lot. We talked about the everyday type stuff; "whatcha studying? Where ya from? Where'd ya go to high school? What are you up to now besides school?" He told me he was in the Marines but was on his way "out". Oh the sigh of relief I had... But the continued hesitation because, McKenna didn't want to get in any sort of relationship. McKenna just wanted to be alone and stay alone but date non-commitally none-the-less. What the heck? Am I a girl or what? I'm so confusing!

He told me what year he graduated and I was surprised to find that we graduated the same year. I exclaimed that I went from always being the youngest throughout school but was now one of the "older" ones at the university. I was glad to see I wasn't alone and that we had some commonality. One being his Birthday is a day before mine. He was easy to talke to and even though it was small talk it was easy for me to be my candid self around him. I guess I felt like it was safe cause now matter how cute, smart, and cool the guy was, he wasn't there to stay. It was merely a passing thing and we'd possibly become Facebook friends and that's about it.

He asked for my number within the first 3 weeks of class and having walked me to my car a couple of times. How did I ever let it become this serious? We were standing in the foyer and he was going to depart in the opposite direction and I had just viewed an email from Menchies saying they wanted me to come in for an interview. I shared with him my good news and as the conversation was ending and I turned to say goodbye and he stopped me saying "Hey!" and asked if I would like to do something sometime. As hesitant as I was to go on anymore dates I caught a glimpse of his honey colored eyes that glimmered in the 2 o'clock afternoon sun and decided... ohhhkayyyy... I'll give this bold one a chance. He was, in reality, doing everything right. He was pursuing me, being forward and bold but not too aggressive or creepy, and oh how nice it was. And how deep those dimples are... So about 3-4 days later he (a good man, who knows how to play the game) called and asked me out.

...And the rest you could say, is history.


June 13, 2012

Philip's Tonsils and McKenna

Hello, Friends!

Philip here! As some of you may know, I had my tonsils removed last Friday and have been recovering from it all week. My dear McKenna has been taking care of me and she has done such a great job! She has made smoothies for me. She has made sure I have everything I need. She has just been with me through it all. There's something about being around her that sets me at ease. :)

I'm taking Percocet right now, so this post will be a short one.

McKenna has been taking care of me AND she's been working on her wedding dress! Go, girl, go!!! She's just awesome, you know?! There's something new I notice with each passing day that makes me fall in love with her even more and realize how lucky I am (might sound corny, but it's true). I'm so glad McKenna Ehat is in my life! She's the best! :)