{Lady} McKenna Lynn

The basics: Born and raised in good ol' Orem, UT. Youngest of five (yes, the spoiled one). One of two girls and three boys. Timpanogos Highschool Grad. Was on the high school Modern dance company, and yearbook staff. Lived 4 years in Germany. Studies Art and Visual Communications at UVU.

Loves: Philip James with all her heart!! All fine arts; painting, photo, dance, music, etc.. etc. Ice cream/froyo and smoothies. The Temple. England/Europe. Traveling. Traveling. Popcorn. And traveling. Design (interior/web/clothing). H&M. Ikea. Her nieces and nephews! Sleep and staying up far too late (oxy-moron, yes.) Road trips. Her family and friends. Helping others. Lipstick. Germany; the country, the lifestyle, and most of all the people/children she got to know there.

Dislikes: Cherry flavored medicine, or cherry flavored anything (besides jolly ranchers and Popsicles) for that matter, Angry/irritable/arrogant people.

Dreams/Goals: Have a family.  Put her feet in every body of water on the earth. Visit every Temple on the earth. Live in Asia and Africa. Own and design for a clothing/wedding dress company. Write and Illustrate children's books. Write novels. Learn to play the violin, piano, cello.

What McKenna Loves about Philip:

His dimples and his golden eyes. That he loves me! Lots n' Lots n' Lots!!! He loves God and loves the Gospel. He's exactly obedient. He without fail, opens my door for me. He always holds my hand. He's a do-er, he gets things done and does them right away. He spoils me and is ok with me being the spoiled youngest in my family. :) He helps me with making dinner even if it's just hugging me from behind while I'm cutting or stirring. That we can talk about anything and everything. He's straight forward and honest about how he feels. That I can read him and tell when he's not feeling good or feeling stressed. I love it when he is a goof ball and gets excited over technology or dance music. I love it when I ask about something and he's already looking it up on the internet to find out for me. I love it that he bought me a sewing machine without me even asking for one. He loves kids. He loves and is concerned for his family even if it's not always an outward thing it's definitely an inward thing.



Jeanne Lawyer said...

I would love to talk to you about your Do Terra post. I had a few honest questions. I am looking at getting into oils and was looking at Do Terra but I am now reconsidering after I read your post. Is there a way to email you privately? You can email me at and thank you for your post.

Tiffany Baron said...

You might want to check your sources a little more accurately!

McKenna Woolley said...

Thank you Tiffany for sending me that link. Unfortunately as much as I'd like to give credit to what you've sent me I find it hard because it was written by a doTerra (diamond) distributor who has never traveled to Oman for himself. The links he uses shows that b.freriana grows in Somalia and has one, only one tiny little indication that these three species (B. frereana, B. bhaw-dajiana, and B. carteri) may grow in regions of Somalia, Yemen, or Oman. And that is only according to ONE encyclopedia, not a peer reviewed article or the Omani government itself. Not even mentioning the actual species that grows there b.sacra. Hmm.. Not sure what to gather from that source and if I can really trust that it's accurate.

My father in law has been to Oman 9 or more times and studies the chemical components of varying species of Frankincense. He has been there to set up frankincense distilleries and has to go through the proper government regulations to get one started. This past month he was there on a project to obtain distillations of the REAL b.freriana and was trying to import the resign from SOMALIA to have it distilled in the distillery located in Oman and the Omani government would not allow even the resign into the country.

Thank you for the information. I really hope you'll be able to find a reliable source so you will no longer be deceived about the origin of the oils you buy. I mean that in all honesty, it sucks that the information you seek is not there and it saddens me that doterra continues to deceive it's customers.

I wish you all the best, and if you're ever interested in meeting with my father-in-law to ask him questions, I'm sure he would be more than willing.