September 20, 2014

My happy! - Gratefulgram

Grateful-mony coming your way! (I've been tagged 3 times to do that 5 days gratitude thing, so I'm cheating and just doing one big long Fast'n'testimony style schpeel) 

I'm gonna be honest. This week coulda sucked, bad. My entire family is in Disneyland this whole week and despite it being our choice to stay home to prepare to pay off the last of our debt, pay for schoooool tuition etc, it still just stinks not being there. I mean, it’s Disneyland and my family hasn’t done a huge vacation like this since forever. Suck reason #1 Then I got a boot on my car and had to pay 70 bones while doing a nice deed for a friend. Apparently Karma wasn't in my favor at the time. Suck reason #2. Emerson's naps have been skiwampus this week of course while I've been doing an online class and so I was not able to do anything during daylight hours and in turn have had to stay up pretty late and then still get up when he does. Tired reason #3.

Pretty good reasons to be grumpy eh?

Well despite all that, we've been looking for a real kitchen table for a while. We've had one of those cheap-y ikea desks to make due but have been looking to upgrade. I found what I wanted in the As-Is discount section of Ikea 3 weeks ago but we just didn't have the time or means to get it then and once it's gone, it's gone. Well I went back last week with my Mom and IT WAS STILL THERE. Like really, miracle of miracles! That never happens! It's the exact table I've been wanting for a really great deal and it was there. Heavenly Father knew! Blessing #1

A mysterious reimbursement came out of nowhere. Blessing #2

I was able to chat with a friend who's preparing to have a baby and she values what I have to share and we can just talk about baby-stuff and respect one-another. She's such a good person and very admirable, positive, and stood by me while I was angry at the boot-guy. haha! I'm grateful I have friends who love me and look to me for advice even though I don't really have much to offer but myself and my own experiences. Blessing #3

I have an incredible mentor in my life who sends me post-cards of encouragement and who's doing everything in her power to help me succeed. I've got a lot of work ahead of me with a new project in the works but it is going to be a huge life-changing thing and I owe it all to her for trusting me and giving me the opportunity. She is such a great example of a God-loving soul and through her I've sought to strengthen my own personal relationship with him. Those southern-folks, gotta love'em! Blessing #4

Emerson has been saying a lot of words lately and I just can't get enough of the cuteness! He's walking all the time, a wobbly cheeky curly-haired little dude who's just a ball of fun. He helps me simplify, stay carefree, have zero ounces of OCD left in my body, and just stop take the time and focus on getting to know him. #5 infinity

Phil cut down some bushes in our front yard this week and needed some help getting rid of them. Within hours of asking on facebook if anyone could help one of my friend's and her husband so willingly came to our aide. Blessing #6

God is good guys! Sometimes it just takes having some crappy days to reveal the light and joy of what is really there and given freely. Life is good. Even without Disneyland, I've found my happiest place on Earth. :) *Awe! Cute cliché ending!*