April 29, 2014

Artist Blocks now on KICKSTARTER!

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It's time to Unlock Your Block!

-Philip & McKenna

April 28, 2014

Why there is no expiration date on Young Living Essential Oils.

I had a fellow Lemon Drop friend post this on her wall so I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Cole Woolley why exactly pure essential oils don't expire, here's what he said.

Pure, from the ground, plants distilled into oil DO NOT expire and can last for centuries. Essential oil is not a perishable item. If oils come from plants (as long as they are contained) they maintain bio-activity, safety, and efficacy. They don’t grow mold, yeast, or mildew because they don’t contain water and have antimicrobial, anti-viral properties.

Young Living has a date stamp on every label; yr/m/d. They stamp when the product is bottled and can trace back to a particular batch of essential oil (through the seed to seal process) with that stamp. (Read about the seed to seal process here.)

Not even heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit can affect the molecular properties of the oils. That much heat or below will only affect the rapidity of the evaporation process. Evaporation does not affect its molecular properties, it will only affect the volume. In a pure oil, the monoterpenes are going to evaporate first (because they are lighter molecules), and the sesquiterpenes will remain. When a person leaves a bottle open and oil has evaporated slightly, it was the monoterpenes evaporating. They’ll even evaporate slowly through the plastic caps and leave the sesquiterpenes behind. But that’s ok, the sesquiterpenes are the powerhouse of the oil. They’re the bioactive power of the oil.

Essential oils have been unearthed in jars in Egypt and were still usable and sesquiterpene rich. Dr. Woolley found frankincense resin in the sands of Oman and there was still oil in the resin even after 65+ years of being buried. Resin itself can stay in the Omani market for 5-10 years and still maintain its properties.

Most other companies use a 3 year expiration date, 3 years from the oil being bottled. Yet, an expiration date for oils is not required in the US but only in Austria and very few other countries. It's not required so why put it on? It would seem that other companies may have a concern with their oils. What are the chemicals in their oils that only allows them to last for only 3 years? Is their oil reactive, is it stable? Is there something in them that makes them unstable? So why the expiration date on something that doesn't, or rather shouldn't expire? Why would their oils go bad?

It's interesting to think about and definitely something to consider when purchasing oils. Phil and I use YL's oils for a reason, not just because we think they're cool but when we know the behind the scene process of how Young Living grows and sources their oils there's just no other oil that can compare.

April 22, 2014

School is for Moms

More info on the UVU Women's Success Center


Well this is ironic, considering Phil's last post. :) 

For one of my classes I am addressing a case study about a woman who thinks that she doesn't need a secondary education because she only wants to become a wife and a mother. Sounds a little like myself, wouldn't-cha-say?

So I've been doing my reading and finding some very interesting stats put out by the UN about women in the workforce and in education, and the numbers are very surprising.


- In the UN statistical report for 2010 it showed that in enrollment in education for the US was; 49% in primary, 52% for secondary education, and 57% in Tertiary. 

- In 2010 Women made up 87% of the teaching staff in primary education, 61% in secondary, and 47% in tertiary. 

- Women made up 46% of adults engaged in the workforce.

- Women's share of legislators, senior officials and managers was 43%.


I also read up on a study that discussed how maternal education influences the socioeconomic standing of their children. Sooo, looks like I'll be cool and stay in school after all. If not for me, but for my children. Not that I was even going to drop out... I just need a break that's all. :)

We both need one and it's called: SUMMER IN EUROPE!
Stay tuned for more on that! Whoot, whoot!  

April 17, 2014

DIY Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

My Grandpa lived with skin cancer for many years of his life had many many surgery's on his skin and ended up dying from many of the complications that the cancer caused. Ever since his death in high school I've always been very concerned with preserving my skin's natural tint.. aka. pale white.. or as I would like to think of it; porcelain white. I avoid the sun when I can but I enjoy being outside and I especially like going swimming in the summer. ;) 

Every year I have such a hard time with many of the sunscreens on the market. I break out in rashes around my eyes even with the ones made for the face that are supposedly gentle. I don't really know what's put in them all but I can tell you there's more than 3 ingredients in a bottle of sunscreen.

When I learned about how essential oils are the base of a lot of products with fragrances; perfumes, lotions etc. I took a better look at my beauty products wanting to know what was actually IN them. Many of the oils added to products are entirely synthetic and can cause skin irritation or breakouts. Since then I've taken to using as little of these products as I can and recently gave most of my Bath and Body Works products away.

I can now throw away my Nutrogena and Aveeno products with sunscreen that's been making me breakout in rashes because I've been able to make my own that is safer on my skin AND still blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. 

It's freakin' AWESOME!


To make the sunscreen you'll need:
- 10-25+ drops of Carrot Seed oil - average of 30-40 spf UVB protection 
and/or 10-25+ drops of Myrrh - average of 30-40 spf UVB protection

-1 1/2 teaspoons of Zinc Oxide Powder - UVA protection

-V-6 carrier oil. V-6 is a combination of organic vegetable oils.
(it includes coconut oil which has a natural spf of 4, awe yeah!)

I like the sunscreen you can spray on so I combine ingredients in


Combine with a whisk until all particles are divided into the oil mixture then add to spray bottle.
The zinc powder will settle over time so remember to SHAKE WELL between uses.

Try out the solution for 30 minutes to an hour in the sun and if you feel it doesn't provide you the protection you need then adjust ratios if necessary.

Enjoy your beautifully moisturized and sun-protected skin!


side note:

The spf protection level will depend on the amount of drops added to the solution and the ratio of zinc oxide power you use.

Ratio's for higher or lower spf of zinc oxide:
5% of solution = low 2-5 spf
10% of solution = medium 6-7 spf
17% of solution = high 12-19 spf
20% of solution = very high 20+ spf



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April 16, 2014

Dear School, I'm Breaking Up With You

Dear School,

How's it going? We've known each other for a long time and we've been through a lot. From learning "times tables" in elementary school to physics in high school to all of the university classes, you've always been there.

School, there are so many people that like you. There are so many people who think that you are their ticket to freedom. You've been their friend. They sing praises (fight songs) to your name and wear your apparel with pride. They want to send their children your way, School. They trust that you will help them throughout their life.

Everyone keeps telling me that if we spend more time together, everything will work out. I'm having a hard time believing this. Have you seen the news, School? About all of the college graduates getting paid barely above minimum wage, and not even in jobs related to what they studied with you? These are people who were counting on you, School, and you screwed them! And did you know that there are programmers without degrees that are getting paid more than people with Master's degrees, and even Doctorates? It's because of the skills, School, not the degree.

This is why I'm considering my options and our future together.

School, it seems that you are a best friend to a few particular groups of people, like scientists or engineers or mathematicians. I'm not a part of those groups. I'm interested in those things but not enough to spend 4 years of full-time study dedicated to them. It seems that you want to force people to become specialists in one particular thing. And you know what, School? That may great for some people.

But not for me.

Here's the real problem, School. I'm not interested in one thing. I'm interested in a lot of things. I want to learn about everything!

I want to learn about biology,
but I also want to learn about psychology,
but I also want to learn about graphic design,
but I also what to learn about cinematography,
but I also want to learn about drawing and painting,
but I also want to learn about business,
but I also want to learn about 3D modeling,
but I also want to learn about exercise science,
but I also want to learn about architectural drafting,
but I also want to learn about photography,
but I also want to learn about astronomy,
but I also want to learn about sociology,
but I also want to learn another language,
but I also want to learn about entrepreneurship,
but I also want to learn about history.

See what I mean, School? I know you can provide a lot of knowledge on these topics and even get into the boring and mundane details of each one, which, for some people, is fine and dandy. But what about people like me? What about the people who want to learn about everything? What about entrepreneurs who don't want to be tied to a single industry? What do you have in place for us?

Oh, right. Nothing.

Thanks, School.

You may say,
"You don't understand!
I can help you!
I can make sure you will always be able to get a job!
You will be credible!
With a degree in hand, you'll be able to say, 'I stuck to it!'
You will be respected!"

"Job job job blah blah blah employment employment employment." School, you aren't telling me anything new. I'm sorry, but we've been over this already.

Do you know how many credits I have, School? After this semester, I'll have 134.5 credits. That's more than you need for a Bachelor's degree! I've taken classes in all sorts of subjects, and instead of waiting for my senior year to get an internship, I've asked around. You want to know how many people are interested in me working for/with them?

Four. Four! I've basically had four job offers and I don't have a degree in anything! And I've had more of a "well-rounded" education than most college graduates!

One last thing, School. One of your greatest lies is security (job security, in particular). In today's economy, what's secure about having a job in the first place? The days of "Get a degree, get a job, live a long, secure, happy life" are gone! For those who believe this lie, it's more like, "Get a degree, try to get a job, get a job at Starbucks, get a 'real job', get fired from that job, back to Starbucks, repeat 5 or 6 times." And good luck trying to pay back those student loans, huh, School?

You promise them secure lives only to throw them under the bus when they graduate. That's messed up, School. Really messed up.

And so, School, I'm breaking up with you, at least for now. Our relationship has grown stale and I need a breather. Maybe I'll check back in 6-12 months, but seriously, you aren't helping me right now. You're just getting in my way.

See ya later, School!

Best regards (but not really),


April 1, 2014

I've sold my soul to the MLM gods!

Well, I've gone and done it friends. I've sold my soul to the Multi-Level-Marketing gods, you can now un-friend me on Facebook because I'm about to get annoying! But not anymore annoying than I already am and certainly not any more annoying than posting selfies-only, or pictures of my freaking-cute baby every millisecond of everyday. So you can just take a deep breath, ok?!

It's true though isn't it? Once one of your friends joins an MLM, they stop being your friend and more of an inherent, unavoidable pesky colleague for a job you never even applied for. They're more like flies but instead of the occasional tickles on your skin or humming in your ear, you hear them buzz words like, "opportunity", or the classic; "are you thinking right now of how this residual income can help your family?," or my personal no duh question, "wouldn't you want to be making an extra thousand or more dollars a month?" Uh, yes I would, but no, I don't want to join your MLM crap.

...And this new oil thing that everyone is so hyper about. You can hardly express how you're frustrated that your children are always complaining about doing their homework or cleaning their room and someone is down your throat saying, "there's an oil for that!" Ok, ok you caught me, I do that sometimes.. but it's because there really is an essential oil for just about everything, and the truth of the matter is, they work!

As of today, April first, I'm officially a Lemon Dropper! But how did I get on this crazy journey and why, oh, why is Phil joining me in all of this MLM shenanigans? I mean really... I didn't see a pig fly today, did you?

I joined the Lemon Drop Lounge because:
1. I already USE essential oils
2. I already LOVE essential oils
3. I already TALK about essential oils
4. WHY NOT give more than just ME access to these wonderful products and become part of a group of people who feel the same?
5. WHY NOT have the potential to be compensated for SHARING what I love and know that others would love them too?
6. And because... The Lemon Dropper are awesome! There's no pressure to buy, to sell, or do anything other than talk and listen to essential oil blabbing. Never once will a Lemon Dropper ask you ridiculous buzz phrases like stated above. (If they do, come see me, I'll hunt them down and send them off to some other MLM webinar where you'd prefer to poke your own eyes out.)

So you see, it's a total no-brainer!

As evident in my last post, it got me thinking, in the past year when I began using essential oils for my pregnancy I've really become passionate about all this stuff. Passionate about my health, and what I put in or on my body. My friend in class told me yesterday, "McKenna, you're a 'Granola' stuck inside a normal person's life." Haha! It was hilarious and yet true. But that's the thing, 'Granola' isn't so granola anymore. More and more people are conscious about the environment, about living a green lifestyle, staying away from toxins and fighting against many of the problems we face in a first world society, nutrition and health specifically.

Technological and scientific advances have been great to us but sometimes it's best to draw back on what nature gave us for taking preventative measures for our mental, physical and emotional health and the health of our families. Essential oils have been around for a lot longer than this "new Utah trend" for them has been. Yet, I am very grateful they've been on the rise because through that I've become aware of them and they've really been a benefit to me and my little family.

So friends, be prepared for some essential oil love and edu coming to you on this blog cuz Phil and I have great plans for helping you get educated about these crazy Granola oils.  ;)