{Sir} Philip James

The basics: Born in Pennsylvania--moved to Utah at age 8. One of three boys and two girls. Second to youngest. 364 days younger than McKenna. Orem High Graduate. U.S. Marine Corp Veteran having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Served an LDS mission to Oklahoma City. Studies at UVU.

Loves: McKenna Lynn. Dance music. Technology. Singing in a choir. Entrepreneurship. Getting things DONE :). Sushi. Snowboarding/skiing. Rock climbing. Spongebob Squarepants. Yoga. Traveling. Asia and the Near East. Cool climates. Trying new things. Helping other people. Doing yard work.

Dislikes: MRE's, plain olives, sour cream, and drifting through life.

Dreams/Goals: Have a family. Live in Japan. Run a successful business or two or three or four.

Reasons why I (Philip) love McKenna:

Once upon a time I met a girl whom I love with all my heart! I love her for so many reasons (and love that I keep finding more and more reasons I love her with each passing day). Love is pretty awesome like that. :)

I love her drive for life. I love her openness and her desire to just communicate with people. I love that she takes care of me (manifested recently when she took care of me after getting my tonsils out). She can tell when I'm feeling down or just need a hug and she's right there, willing and wanting to help.

I love her commitment to the gospel. I love her inner need and desire to lift people up and help them get out of their shells. I love it when she lovingly listens to others. Speaking with her, it isn't hard to see her genuine care for others. She really wants others to be happy and she wants to help them. I love that. :)

There are more reasons than these, but I need to sleep now. Check back for some more! :)


July 4, 2012 - Happy Independence Day!

I have more reasons I love McKenna. :) Lately, with all of getting everything ready, it's been hectic in the apartment we're going to be living in (where I'm currently living). We've been painting a lot (which my family has helped with a ton, too) and everything has basically been in a big mess until we could finish painting things. There are days when I've been really stressed, thinking, "I don't even know what to do next! There's so much stuff and I don't know what to do!"

That's when McKenna comes into my life to save the day. She came to our apartment yesterday and basically organized the entire thing in a couple hours (I tried to help, but just followed whatever she told me to do). If it would've been left to me, it probably would've taken a lot longer. With her around, I find myself no longer standing in a stupor of thought, wondering how to get things done or even just what to do next. Instead, she starts cleaning everything, which inspires me to start cleaning everything, and then when she notices that I look like a lost child in Walmart, she gives me something specific to do which: A) means something will get done, and B) makes me feel a lot better than a lost child in Walmart.


She helps me get things organized and clean. She helps me de-stress by giving me hugs and kisses. She just loves me. And I love that so much. :)


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