May 17, 2014

A boy that loves nature

There's something so satisfying about watching Emerson play outside. To see his wheels turning and the lights sparking through his eyes. He's so fascinated by textures running between his fingers and of course across his tongue and teeth for more accurate measurement, I'm sure. His favorites are running water, any assortment of brush with bristles and pine cones. 

There's nothing that keeps him more at ease with his babyhood than adventures in the outside world. He rarely gets restless on walks and could crawl in the grass, through dirt and under bushes and trees for hours, if only naps weren't a necessity for his little body. 

I hope he'll always have a passion for the outdoors, it's such an important aspect of being a child, of being a human. Something one should never be drawn away from for too long. 

We leave on Monday for Germany and I fear the worst for our hours in confinement on the airplane. The lack of space, the lack of freedom Emerson will experience. It's such a trying thing for a little boy to sit still. Even an hour at church is unruly for such a creature of his temperament. Maybe it's due to our frequent use of all the nature-made essential oils, nature's just in his blood. ;) 

Yet my joy will be full when he will be unleashed and get to experience the beauty that is embodied in the country of Germany. A plane ride will be worth it I keep reminding myself, it'll be over in the blink of an eye. Oh how I can't wait. 

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