May 6, 2014

Bug-a-boo is getting big.

E is growing up! And this time it's ok. It's amazing how in the first few weeks and months of E's life, his growth was a reason to mourn. It felt like once we saw any noticeable tinge of growth I'd shed a tear feeling like his youth had passed and he was now a grown man of 6 days old. Well quickly those days of newborn-ness have passed and yet the excitement that's come with his ever changing body has grown with each new milestone and stage.

-He's getting over his separation anxiety/month of grumpy crying all-the-time, doesn't-want-to-be-held-but-doesn't-want-to-be-put-down-either stage is clearing and there is hope for a bright very energetic wiggle-worm future.

- He's now got 5 teeth, 2 on the bottom 3 on top with one more breaking through on the top.

- He loves walking while you hold his hands but is a scaredy-cat and chicken's out when you try to let go of even one hand.

-He goes back and forth between loving different foods or just being bored with foods in general. He'd rather play with anything we give him.

- He's ALL about the outdoors and all about getting dirty. I just let him go for it! He's a boy ain't he?

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