April 22, 2014

School is for Moms

More info on the UVU Women's Success Center


Well this is ironic, considering Phil's last post. :) 

For one of my classes I am addressing a case study about a woman who thinks that she doesn't need a secondary education because she only wants to become a wife and a mother. Sounds a little like myself, wouldn't-cha-say?

So I've been doing my reading and finding some very interesting stats put out by the UN about women in the workforce and in education, and the numbers are very surprising.


- In the UN statistical report for 2010 it showed that in enrollment in education for the US was; 49% in primary, 52% for secondary education, and 57% in Tertiary. 

- In 2010 Women made up 87% of the teaching staff in primary education, 61% in secondary, and 47% in tertiary. 

- Women made up 46% of adults engaged in the workforce.

- Women's share of legislators, senior officials and managers was 43%.


I also read up on a study that discussed how maternal education influences the socioeconomic standing of their children. Sooo, looks like I'll be cool and stay in school after all. If not for me, but for my children. Not that I was even going to drop out... I just need a break that's all. :)

We both need one and it's called: SUMMER IN EUROPE!
Stay tuned for more on that! Whoot, whoot!  

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