April 17, 2014

DIY Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

My Grandpa lived with skin cancer for many years of his life had many many surgery's on his skin and ended up dying from many of the complications that the cancer caused. Ever since his death in high school I've always been very concerned with preserving my skin's natural tint.. aka. pale white.. or as I would like to think of it; porcelain white. I avoid the sun when I can but I enjoy being outside and I especially like going swimming in the summer. ;) 

Every year I have such a hard time with many of the sunscreens on the market. I break out in rashes around my eyes even with the ones made for the face that are supposedly gentle. I don't really know what's put in them all but I can tell you there's more than 3 ingredients in a bottle of sunscreen.

When I learned about how essential oils are the base of a lot of products with fragrances; perfumes, lotions etc. I took a better look at my beauty products wanting to know what was actually IN them. Many of the oils added to products are entirely synthetic and can cause skin irritation or breakouts. Since then I've taken to using as little of these products as I can and recently gave most of my Bath and Body Works products away.

I can now throw away my Nutrogena and Aveeno products with sunscreen that's been making me breakout in rashes because I've been able to make my own that is safer on my skin AND still blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. 

It's freakin' AWESOME!


To make the sunscreen you'll need:
- 10-25+ drops of Carrot Seed oil - average of 30-40 spf UVB protection 
and/or 10-25+ drops of Myrrh - average of 30-40 spf UVB protection

-1 1/2 teaspoons of Zinc Oxide Powder - UVA protection

-V-6 carrier oil. V-6 is a combination of organic vegetable oils.
(it includes coconut oil which has a natural spf of 4, awe yeah!)

I like the sunscreen you can spray on so I combine ingredients in


Combine with a whisk until all particles are divided into the oil mixture then add to spray bottle.
The zinc powder will settle over time so remember to SHAKE WELL between uses.

Try out the solution for 30 minutes to an hour in the sun and if you feel it doesn't provide you the protection you need then adjust ratios if necessary.

Enjoy your beautifully moisturized and sun-protected skin!


side note:

The spf protection level will depend on the amount of drops added to the solution and the ratio of zinc oxide power you use.

Ratio's for higher or lower spf of zinc oxide:
5% of solution = low 2-5 spf
10% of solution = medium 6-7 spf
17% of solution = high 12-19 spf
20% of solution = very high 20+ spf



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Ivory Lilly said...

I am very pleased to hear about such a natural alternative.
I typically have to use a broad spectrum of about 50 on my skin. I have a mild sun sensitivity (as well as plain old sensitive skin) that can cause some unpleasant burning.
Would you be willing to figure out and provide a recipe for an SPF of 50?
Please and thank you for all your efforts.

Brittany Carlson said...

Can you tell me where you found UVB info for these ingredients? I've been making my own sunscreen with YL ingredients for years, but I've never seen that information before. Only overall spf. Thank you for sharing!!