April 1, 2014

I've sold my soul to the MLM gods!

Well, I've gone and done it friends. I've sold my soul to the Multi-Level-Marketing gods, you can now un-friend me on Facebook because I'm about to get annoying! But not anymore annoying than I already am and certainly not any more annoying than posting selfies-only, or pictures of my freaking-cute baby every millisecond of everyday. So you can just take a deep breath, ok?!

It's true though isn't it? Once one of your friends joins an MLM, they stop being your friend and more of an inherent, unavoidable pesky colleague for a job you never even applied for. They're more like flies but instead of the occasional tickles on your skin or humming in your ear, you hear them buzz words like, "opportunity", or the classic; "are you thinking right now of how this residual income can help your family?," or my personal no duh question, "wouldn't you want to be making an extra thousand or more dollars a month?" Uh, yes I would, but no, I don't want to join your MLM crap.

...And this new oil thing that everyone is so hyper about. You can hardly express how you're frustrated that your children are always complaining about doing their homework or cleaning their room and someone is down your throat saying, "there's an oil for that!" Ok, ok you caught me, I do that sometimes.. but it's because there really is an essential oil for just about everything, and the truth of the matter is, they work!

As of today, April first, I'm officially a Lemon Dropper! But how did I get on this crazy journey and why, oh, why is Phil joining me in all of this MLM shenanigans? I mean really... I didn't see a pig fly today, did you?

I joined the Lemon Drop Lounge because:
1. I already USE essential oils
2. I already LOVE essential oils
3. I already TALK about essential oils
4. WHY NOT give more than just ME access to these wonderful products and become part of a group of people who feel the same?
5. WHY NOT have the potential to be compensated for SHARING what I love and know that others would love them too?
6. And because... The Lemon Dropper are awesome! There's no pressure to buy, to sell, or do anything other than talk and listen to essential oil blabbing. Never once will a Lemon Dropper ask you ridiculous buzz phrases like stated above. (If they do, come see me, I'll hunt them down and send them off to some other MLM webinar where you'd prefer to poke your own eyes out.)

So you see, it's a total no-brainer!

As evident in my last post, it got me thinking, in the past year when I began using essential oils for my pregnancy I've really become passionate about all this stuff. Passionate about my health, and what I put in or on my body. My friend in class told me yesterday, "McKenna, you're a 'Granola' stuck inside a normal person's life." Haha! It was hilarious and yet true. But that's the thing, 'Granola' isn't so granola anymore. More and more people are conscious about the environment, about living a green lifestyle, staying away from toxins and fighting against many of the problems we face in a first world society, nutrition and health specifically.

Technological and scientific advances have been great to us but sometimes it's best to draw back on what nature gave us for taking preventative measures for our mental, physical and emotional health and the health of our families. Essential oils have been around for a lot longer than this "new Utah trend" for them has been. Yet, I am very grateful they've been on the rise because through that I've become aware of them and they've really been a benefit to me and my little family.

So friends, be prepared for some essential oil love and edu coming to you on this blog cuz Phil and I have great plans for helping you get educated about these crazy Granola oils.  ;)



Ashley Thompson said...

im super excited that we are both lemon droppers! love the support, passion and knowledge in our group :)

Shauna Finlinson said...

Ok, so now I have an annoying oil question for you. My family and I are flying to D.C. at the end of the month. I am terrified of flying and even more anxious to fly with three children! Is there an oil I can use that will help me relax during our flights?