June 13, 2012

Philip's Tonsils and McKenna

Hello, Friends!

Philip here! As some of you may know, I had my tonsils removed last Friday and have been recovering from it all week. My dear McKenna has been taking care of me and she has done such a great job! She has made smoothies for me. She has made sure I have everything I need. She has just been with me through it all. There's something about being around her that sets me at ease. :)

I'm taking Percocet right now, so this post will be a short one.

McKenna has been taking care of me AND she's been working on her wedding dress! Go, girl, go!!! She's just awesome, you know?! There's something new I notice with each passing day that makes me fall in love with her even more and realize how lucky I am (might sound corny, but it's true). I'm so glad McKenna Ehat is in my life! She's the best! :)

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