July 13, 2013

one month

I've been a mom for one month today. (July 13th) Since when did four weeks and two days constitute a month? Sheesh! If I thought time was flying by with this kid in ma belly, it's really on warp drive now. It's hard to gather that this kid ever fit inside me a few layers deep, I swear he's an inch taller everyday. When I'm sitting and he stiffens his legs, he reaches from my hip bones to his nose above my shoulder, and I've got a long torso mind you. It's like he just jumped over being a newborn and straight into toddlerhood. He needs to knock it off now or I'm going to be baby hungry in a month.

This month has been incredible. I'm amazed at how easy the transition has been once I found some consistency and helped him and myself to get into a routine. The first four days were pretty difficult not being able to function as a human being let alone a mom. He had two nights where he just cried and cried from 1am-4am because he was so wound up and over-tired and probably starving because it was difficult for him to latch on with me laying in bed (my swelling was pretty bad.) On about day 5 we found this awesome article online, got some advice from my sister on setting a routine, I could finally walk and sit more comfortably and his sleeping instantly improved and he stopped having crying spells. He's been an angel baby ever since. He'll only cry when I've let him fidget too long in his cradle and he is tired of waiting for me to get my tired butt out of bed to feed his hungry tummy. I'll usually awake to Phil holding him saying, "I think he's hungry." I'm a relatively heavy sleeper, and despite what some have said about that changing once I have kids, it hasn't changed yet because I've slept right through his crying a couple of times. I'm so blessed that he really does have such a good temperament, I think it's a blessing for Phil. I don't know how he could handle a baby who cries any more than he does. Emerson will be a good warm up for other babies we will have in the future. ;)

This time has truly been such a sacred and special time in our lives. His birth was so incredible looking back. I've been able to watch the video of it several times with a friend and my mom and I'm amazed every time. I can't even begin to tell you how that rush of oxytocin feels that first week. My hair and nails became so soft and my skin was soft and glowing, despite my stretched out sore, saggy body and aching back I'd never felt more beautiful and empowered. All my senses were heightened, and my emotions of gratitude and amazement were through the roof. I couldn't sing a single primary song to Emerson without bursting into tears. The words made such a greater impact coming to know more of the meaning of being an eternal family with this innocent and pure child added our family. There is nothing more amazing and lasting than family!

This week he's really become more alert and I can tell that he's seeing and registering a lot more. He's been smiling since day three but now he's smiling more as a response to our faces and voices than just looking-off-at-the-angels type smiling. As of today he's going through another growth spurt because he literally ate every 40 minutes for 30-45 minutes at a time not even stopping to burp. Usually he eats for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hour stretches at night. So he's been cluster-feeding to the max. He was like this on the fourth of July as well and was up ALL day eating. I don't mind it as long as Phil is around to feed me while I'm feeding him. But it's defiantly a bad day to start a project such as reorganizing your closet or attempting to clean the house or water the plants. We shall see how long it takes me to get it in order and to revive my dead cilantro plants. Though I'm positive there's just no hope for those.

I've introduced him to a soother a few times this week and he's learned to keep it in his mouth for a good 2-5 minutes and then he'll spit it out. I'm not pushing the binkie on him but I do want him to be familiar enough with one so that if I'm out and he get's fussy and I can't feed him right away that he can be consoled with a soother long enough for me to get to a place where I can feed him.

We had his baby blessing on the first Sunday in July (7.7.13) the same day his new cousin Abigail was born. Many of our friends and family came to celebrate his special day. He received a simple and sweet blessing that Phil gave him on beautiful slightly stormy day, yet sunny day. E wore the outfit that Phil was blessed in as a baby which made it all the more special to recognize the circle of life and see Phil honoring the priesthood and fulfilling his role as a father. The rain let up just in time afterwords for a BBQ we planned to have in the playground/pavilion by our house. It's fun and yet stressful as a new mom to plan family events for your littles, but we pulled it off well with much help from mine and Phil's family. It was great to have a place for all the nieces and nephews to play while the adults mingled and ate.

It's fun being the youngest and last to start having babies in my family because I already have so many nieces and nephews. It has been so fun to share the excitement of them getting a new cousin when I was pregnant and to see them want to cuddle and hold Emerson now that he's here. They just adore him and it melts my heart when they gaze at him just as I do when I hold him. I love that he is so loved.. and not just by me. :)

His stats from his 5 day to his two week appointment were:
Height: 21inches (91%) - 22inches (96%)
Weight: 8.07 lbs down 8oz from birth (59%) - 9.15 lbs (66%)
Head: 14 (69%) 14.5 (78%)

Phil (left) 3 weeks - Emerson (right) 3 weeks

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