May 5, 2013

36 weeks

Wow how time is flying!! I can't believe that in the next 3-5 weeks I'm going to have a baby boy to hold in my arms instead of my belly. I'm going to be able to see his face, know his hair color, kiss his little neck and squeeze his hopefully chubby thighs. Oh how sweet he will taste and how soft his skin will be! What an incredible miracle.

Every day I'm still in wonderment about how there really is a human being inside of me. To me right now he seems like an imagined daydream accompanied by wriggles in my growing round belly. It's amazing to fathom that there literally is a little being with a face, arms, hands, legs, feet, toenails and fingernails etc, who has his own personality, thoughts and precious spirit. He moves of his own will yet relies completely on me for survival and there he is surviving. Here he is just a few layers deep inside me almost touchable, almost cuddle-able. He is one with me for this time and yet will soon come forth and go through life having his own experiences, joys, heartaches, passions, and dreams.

I look forward greatly to this next month as I prepare for the experience of bringing him into our home. I'm so excited for his birth and all it entails. It's going to be so beautiful and peaceful. I'm confident it will be everything I hope it to be and more, an experience that will yield such an immense reward beyond words that every ounce of effort will be worth it. It already is worth it! It's difficult to put into words how wonderful of an experience simply carrying this little one has been. I'm incredibly grateful to be a woman and to have this ability. Nothing compares to it!

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