April 15, 2013


Breaking brittle nails.

Stretching skin and two marks on right hip to prove it.

Bending is more and more improbable.

Painting nails or toe nails hasn't been accomplished in months.

Makeup for school nowadays is a rare occasion.

Infrequent social interactions with anyone besides hubby.

Moving to a new place in a familiar neighborhood in little more than a week.

Anxiety about life, friends and family their lives, health and well being.

Changes coming steadfastly.

Lack of art history study-capacity allotted brain accompanied by little to no self discipline.

Sadness about being done a great semester for two reasons 1. Drawing and painting class that keeps motivation rolling because of an inspirational professor full of passion and adds depth to art unnoticed before 2. Reason to leave the cold basement apartment and find value in learning.

Excitement to have time to prepare for baby boy for reading birthing and breast feeding books by Ina May.

Desire is continually lacking but much needed to fold laundry.

Adoring the bright green spring blossoms on the trees and the moisture on the gravel.

Spontaneous pattering coming from soft arms, elbows, legs and/or knees inside a rounding belly.

Inability to think of what to eat, ever.

Stuffy sinuses from dusty closets and spring allergens that have formed a lovely yellow infection causing breathing difficulties and dry lips.

Exhaustion from negativity in the world.

Deeply in love with the other two halves of myself; eternal companion and little boy baby.

Sleeping during more decent hours of the night becoming a more frequent habit.

Roller coaster of emotions with tears of joy, fear, frustration, deep love shed all in one day.

Aching tailbone continuously present.

Finding simplicity to be the most beautiful thing.

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