January 2, 2013

2012 Review in Photos

- began another semester at uvu
- took art history with 2 of the loveliest ladies on the planet: Brittany and Jennifer
- met Phil at institute
- was a vegetarian for a month
- applied for job at menchies froyo
- ate lots and lots of sushi

- Feb 2nd went on first date with Phil - Crepes
- Feb 29th went night skiing for the first time with Phil
- started job at menchies
- spent time with family

- spent many many hours drawing for my drawing class
-  went to my 1st caucus
- studied as hard as I could with Philip distracting me ALL THE TIME ;)
- designed and engagement ring

- spent many hours in school making new friends and turning stones into pianos
- spent many more hours with Phil than I did at school, took his doggie to the park
- got engaged to my prince Philip same week as finals (16th)
- finished school
- welcomed Lola home from her mission
- Photographed Josh and Jillian's engagements ate more sushi afterwords

- went on 3rd annual temple trip: Pacific Northwest with Rachel to ID, MO, Canada, WA, OR
- visited many family members while doing so
- released from calling as 1st counselor in the Relief Society YSA 2nd Ward


- planned a wedding on pinterest, designed our invites, got our pics taken, did all that you need to do to plan and get ready for a wedding...
- stopped work at menchies
- Phil got his tonsils out and I took care of him
- started making my own wedding dress
- Photographed Josh and Jillian's wedding
- Philip got me a new computer
- spent lots of time with family
- got stuff ready for our apartment
- ate more sushi
- had a pampered chef bridal shower hosted by my sister Amy and Auntie Janet

-had some fun
- celebrated the 4th of july by going to stadium of fire
- went to the temple with my Auntie Peri
- finished my dress the week of the wedding with a big help from mi madre
- got married for time and all eternity to Philip in the Manti Temple
- moved to provo
- made lots of delicious food
- went on lots of walks together
- Phil started teaching swim lessons
- watched the 2012 summer olympics

- saw my oldest niece get baptized 
- ran over a metal plate and shredded through our car the night before we left for NY
- went to NY
- celebrated our birthday's
- came back and immediately moved from Provo to Orem
- went to Idaho and visited Phil's brother and family and brought home a turtle and named him winston after a cute little dog we met in NY on my birthday
- went to the Brigham City Temple open house and dedication
- began another semester, took my first painting class

- painted lots and lots of still life
- found out that we were expecting a baby then told Phil about it by putting a some dough in the oven and telling him I put his dinner in there to stay warm. He found it and said, "is this it?" I told him, "no, but what is that..?" He said, "a roll that looks like it's un-cooked." I replied, "No, it's a bun in the oven!" He looked at me with wide eyes and asked, "REEEALLY??!?" I assured him yes and he immediately stared jumping up and down ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. Needless to say he was excited! I myself was still a bit shocked and it took me a while to come to grips with the idea. 
- had my bridal pictures taken, finally (likely 1 week pregnant)
- met Orson Scott Card
- celebrated more family birthday's

- went to my cousin Courtney and Nick's wedding in AZ with Amy, Dad, Mom and G-ma
- announced to family that we are going to have a baby
- studied for more art history tests

- thanksgiving at Evan and Val's house
- announced on fb we have a bun in the oven

- recorded a Celebration of Christ CD with the Utah Valley Christian Choir

- we were on the news with a few from the Choir
- spoke in church with Husband 1st time, got to introduce us and got to hear Phil speak in church for the 1st time ever
- built a snowman together
- 1st Christmas together. Got an easel! 
- bought mom jeans
- finished my Minerva Teichert painting as well as another semester of school
- saw Phil wear a sweater for the 1st time EVER
- Philip felt the baby New Years Eve

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