February 19, 2013

1st Timester Summary

Welp. (Currently 25 and a half weeks) Baby has been cooking more than half-way of his allotted time. To think that if he comes on his estimated date of arrival there is less than 15 weeks left. Uh, that's nuts! I just started feeling pregnant!

I thought it time to get on top of documenting my belly growth and my preggo stats jus' fer fun. So let's start at the very beginning.. a very good place to start. ;)

This is me on November 28th 2012 | 13 weeks along
I'll tell you what, my hips and my boobs were already exploding at this point. But I look at these now thinking 'oh my bajonga's were so small.'

1st Trimester Sum-up:

Morning Sickness // Never got it. Don't hate! I did have episodes of never knowing what to eat and feeling like everything sounded un-appetising until I ate something and then I was fine. I told Phil pretty much every night, "I just need to you chose what to eat, cause I really don't know what sounds good." I had a couple moments, one in the shower where I felt an immediate need to vomit so I jumped out, sat down, and then it was over and the other when I laid down after taking my pre-natal vitamins at night, I felt the immediate need to vomit, so I sat up thinking surely I would and the moment passed. Phew! Thank goodness that was the extent of my nausea. I sure lucked out!

Maternity Clothing // I started switching between my regular jeans and stretchy pants/maternity jeans I got at H&M (pictured above) around week 11 or so. I fit into everything but felt like there was no need to lower my comfort level my having the waist band making me uncomfortable. I've never looked back! As far as growth up-stairs, I bought a bra one size up from my 'normal' size in December around 15 weeks or. Funny though, I still don't have cleavage and I'm nearly grown out of the new bra too. This is absurd, I already feel like a cow!

Cravings // My cravings in the beginning were centered around colby-jack cheese! Oh my!!!! Soooo good! I ate it with everything and still do, just not as intensely. I also craved bacon for about a week, until we bought a big pack at Costco, cooked the first two packs within that week and then I thought I spew just thinking about frying up another pack after that. I also could and did eat tons of breakfast sausage and moderated my intake so I didn't get sick of it. I've never been a big pork eater so this was definitely a change for me.

Dreaded Smells/Tastes // Phil's breath and body wash in combo with his deodorant were an issue during the first trimester. He had the Ivory Aloe Vera wash and though it smelled good, I would just about die every time it was used. I also stopped cooking with garlic to avoid giving Phil garlic breath and simply because garlic started tasting awful. Haven't used it since.

Aches + Pains // I had a bit of pinching in my back on the left side pretty early on. It felt like a knot just above the left hip-bone-divot in my lower back. Also, my tail-bone! Yikes! It kills!! Tail-bone and lower back problems sorta run in my family and I tell ya what, sitting in church for 3 hours is killer. I need to get a doughnut pillow and still haven't. Though, I have found relief in sitting on an exercise ball at the dinner table when I eat and do homework/facebook and sit on it when I paint. I don't have many classes this semester where I sit on a hard chair for very long, so that has also been relieving, so really it's only been church that I feel discomfort.

Heartburn // Off and on. Not unbearable and came and went in short waves.

Headaches // Not unless I'm dehydrated.

Leg cramps // Nope!! None!! I attribute this success to taking potassium pills since before I got preggo. I used to get charlie-horses in my calves ALL-THE-TIME before I was pregnant and no-joke, haven't had one since I started adding potassium to my vitamin regimen. I've had tinges of a leg-cramp in my right leg, once or twice but with a good stretch, it went away.

Thoughts + Feelings // I look back at the first trimester happy that it's over. I think the whole not-feeling very ready to be preggo kicked me into a minor depression, and with the raging hormones, I really didn't feel like myself and wasn't excited for baby to say the least. Phew! I'm glad that is over! It's crazy how long ago that feels! I had quite a few crying spells which I think were 70% percent hormones and 30% genuine freaking-out/not-ready-for-this overwhelmed emotional instability. Plus at the end of Fall semester and Thanksgiving/Christmas time was nuts! We had so much going on with school, choirs, family, etc, it was already overwhelming. Once again, so happy it's over!

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